Family-owned – in the fourth and fifth generation

Regionally rooted family business – a sustainable development of the company at all times. In the meantime, the Noerpel Group has become one of the leading transport and logistics service providers in Southern Germany. We regularly strengthen our network. In this way, our employees can always offer you high-quality and customised solutions. Noerpel can do it – and has been doing it for over 140 years.

One group, many histories:


In 1881, the company C.E. NOERPEL was founded by Carl Ernst Noerpel in Friedrichshafen and was managed by him for several decades. In the beginning, employees loaded the goods with hand trucks or by hand. Then, the goods were delivered with a genuine load of Horse Power – thanks to numerous horse-drawn wagons used by the young company.   


As a result of a political dictate of the Third Reich, all branches in Switzerland have to be closed. Two years later, Egon Noerpel takes over the management of the entire company from his father Carl Ernst.


In the fifties, the Noerpel network expanded. The company acquires properties and office buildings in Ulm. Noerpel also opens a branch in Ravensburg.

In 1958, Noerpel acquires Anselm Nieberle Möbeltransporte in Kempten and Süddeutsche Speditionsgesellschaft Krauss & Co. in Kempten and Lindau.


After the death of Egon Noerpel on 25 November, his nephew Hartmut Noerpel-Schneider and Hans Schulz take over the management of the entire company.

Three years later, Hartmut Noerpel-Schneider becomes the sole owner of the company and takes over the family business. In the following decade, the Noerpel transport company acquires further plots of land and builds new warehouses – including one in Kempten in 1972.


Noerpel is co-founder of the first German groupage cooperation IDS.

1980s and 1990s

Noerpel expands its area in Ravensburg to almost 20,000 square meters and parts with its location in Lindau in 1989. In 1992, the company acquires the site of today's headquarters in Ulm. Here, Noerpel builds offices and a parcel handling facility for the mid-sized cooperation German Parcel. In 1997, the company also buys a logistics hall in Kempten.


Stefan Noerpel-Schneider becomes the fourth-generation shareholder and managing director of C.E. NOERPEL GmbH & Co. and initially runs the business together with his father in the following years.

In the same year, Noerpel buys 47,400 square metres in Ernst-Abbe-Straße from the city of Ulm for the relocation of the forwarding business from Daimlerstraße 15. 

One year later, the employees move into the new administration building of the headquarters and the forwarding plant is inaugurated.


Noerpel moves into a new logistics centre in Ravensburg, builds warehouses and starts operating a commissioning hall in Ulm.


Noerpel takes over the business of the mid-sized logistics company FROSS in Freiburg/Teningen and opens a logistics location in Prachatice (CZ).

One year later, the logistics locations in Hamburg and Blaustein (Ulm) are commissioned and in 2011 the logistics centre in Heuweg 7-9 (also Ulm) is launched.


The logistics company Kentner Kraftwagen-Spedition GmbH & Co. KG with its Kentner Logistics Park in Herbrechtingen becomes part of the Noerpel Group


Takeover of the Kühne+Nagel branch in Villingen-Schwenningen.


Ascherl & Co. becomes part of the corporate group. Noerpel takes over the branches in Hamburg, Munich and Hilden and thereby not only strategically expands its strong presence in Southern Germany, it also extends along the north-south axis.


New construction of two logistics facilities in Ulm (33,000 square meters) and Elsdorf (43,000 square meters).


Lebert & Co. and Noerpel bundle their resources: Following the acquisition of the forwarding company Lebert & Co., the Noerpel Group now has a network of 15 locations in Germany and Switzerland.


On 1 August, the Noerpel Group takes over the location of the forwarding agency Krage in the Airport Business Park Hannover-Langenhagen. Noerpel thus continues its expansion along the north-south axis from Hamburg to Kempten.


On 2 January the former Ascherl-Noerpel subsidiary moved from Munich to the newly built freight forwarding terminal in Odelzhausen in order to expand further.


At the beginning of May, the Noerpel-Group acquires the Swiss company Logistik2000 AG. The new location is the second branch of the group in Switzerland. Thus its European network further expandes and additionally strengthens customs competencies. 


The Noerpel Group is expanding logistics capacities by over 83,000 square meters: 25,000 square meters were created at our logistics terminal in Odelzhausen, 13,500 square meters in Singen and 45,000 square meters at our second location in Giengen an der Brenz.

In the Heidenheim area, Noerpel is the largest provider in the region with around 116,000 square meters of warehouse space at the Heidenheim, Giengen I and Giengen II sites. 


After years of trustful partnership, ERKA Internationale Spedition GmbH from Stuttgart officially strengthens the Noerpel Group retroactively since January 1 of the year. Through ERKA, Noerpel gains the leading provider for export and import in Europe and can significantly expand cross-border transports.


Since September 1, the Noerpel Group has acquired the specialist for customized e-commerce fulfillment solutions WEHNER Logistics GmbH & Co. KG with locations in Leverkusen and Langenfeld.

With WEHNER Logistics, the highly specialized e-commerce fulfillment team joins the Noerpel Group on September 1, 2023, scaling this service across the Noerpel Group's branches.