Packaging Logistics from A to Z

The Noerpel Group offers a wide range of flexible services for Packaging Logistics.

  • Display assembly: assembly and assembly of sales displays
  • Labelling: Manual or machine labelling
  • Fold wrapping: high-quality film packaging for cosmetics and sweets
  • Small assemblies: assembly of small products on site
  • Encodings: Coding of the finished packaged products in various processes, e.g. by ink-jet-printer.
  • Completing: Assembling a finished or semi-finished product from individual parts
  • Lettershop: printing and packaging of mass letters, delivery to mail service providers
  • Markings and inscriptions: e.g. additional information for sale or delivery to the customer
  • Palletising, repacking, depalletising and unpacking
  • Shrink packaging: shrink of various products
  • Sorting: Creation of assortment cartons for the discount area
  • Packaging: manual and semi-automated assembly of gift packages, advent calendars, etc.
  • Bonding of cardboard boxes and jewellery boxes: by hand or bonding machines

Customised solutions for packaging logistics

We are happy to offer you solutions and services specifically adapted to your needs – with fast and uncomplicated processing.

For all activities, check weighing and coding can be integrated into the process at any time.

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