Everything about your shipment

Our online services give you and your recipients an overview of the status of your shipments – conveniently and at any time. 

Enter your shipping order or request a daily price? No problem at all.

Where's my shipment?

Track & Trace in real time: Track your shipment – whether it's being loaded, transported or delivered. 
You can also access the complete electronic proof of delivery. 

Of course, all data is encrypted and protected by an individual password.

Track & Trace express

Even faster: Access information such as shipment status or weight by entering the shipment number, the package number or a customer reference number.

Place your shipment

Place your transport order with us – securely, quickly and paperlessly via your browser. Barcode labels and shipping orders can be printed directly, master data can be saved and transmission errors can be ruled out. 


What do you need? User name and password are sufficient. Our sales department will be happy to provide you with this in advance.

Daily Prices – up-to-date and transparent

Would you like to know the current daily prices? The service staff at our forwarding locations will be happy to provide you with information.

Daily Prices: Choose your location


Desired Delivery Date

Open our delivery order portal to select your delivery date, request a callback or issue a drop-off authorization. Select your delivery date by typing in your shipment ID and your recipient zip code in order to select your preferred delivery date.