Compliance for Employees & Suppliers

The Compliance Management at Noerpel contains the rules, norms and processes which ensure the compliance with laws and regulations. Precondition for our successful and long-lasting business conduct is a lawful behaviour.

Compliance at Noerpel

  • Compliance is an essential part of our daily business
  • Violations of the law are not tolerated
  • Responsibility, trust & transparency
  • Protection and promotion of fair competition
  • Data-Protection and security
  • Adherence of work and social standards


To ensure proper Compliance behaviour, the following Code of Conducts are established:

1. Employees
This Code of Conduct is valid for all members of the supervisory board, the executive board, leadership team and other employees (going forward referred to as “employees”) of the entire Noerpel-Group. All employees are personally obliged to follow the rules stated in the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct for employees acts as compass for our moral and legal duties that we as employees of the Noerpel-Group share.

2. Suppliers
The Noerpel-Group co-operates with a network of transport service providers, suppliers and other third parties. The type of cooperation acts as indicator for our success as a Group. Our transport service providers and suppliers play an important role in generating our sustainable growth and overall success. Compliance, meaning to follow rules, therefore is an indispensable precondition for that.