Logistics close to the customer

A logistics property designed to meet all customer requirements – with this goal in mind, the Noerpel Group launched a pioneering construction project in spring 2017. The project was the result of a tender won from the BP mineral oil group. The company's wish: a scalable logistics area in the Hamburg metropolitan region. Within six months, Noerpel found an appropriate site in the LogIn Park in Elsdorf, directly on the A1 between Hamburg and Bremen, and built a 43,000-square-metre logistics terminal. "It was important that the storage and distribution of our lubricants and oils could be bundled in the new facility," says Andreas Osbar, Member of the Board of BP Europa SE.

During the construction phase, a special foil was placed under the screed to store water-polluting substances of classes one to three. Noerpel also integrated special foam extinguishing zones. Here, 2,800 square metres can be flooded with foam within three minutes. A special shelf sprinkler system additionally increases safety. "In this way, we have created ideal conditions for the logistics of BP products," explains Hardy Krug, branch manager in Elsdorf. "At the same time, the property is designed in such a way that we can adapt it to new customer requirements.”

Since October 2017, BP lubricants have been stored on more than three quarters of the area in Elsdorf. Noerpel stores, commissions and distributes these products – worldwide. "A special challenge arises from the individualised outbound goods", explains Hardy Krug. "Some individual containers, for example, require special labelling, while other deliveries must be accompanied by certain certificates of analysis. Noerpel also programmed an interface between BP's SAP system and its own warehouse management system in order to handle these special requirements well. A property designed to fit perfectly, from planning to operational processes.