Directly on site, close to the events

With its child seats, prams and bicycle seats, Britax Römer puts child safety at the top of its agenda. Since 1966, the company has been producing child car seats with more than 90 percent of its production for the European market taking place in Germany and Great Britain. Britax Römer also relies on experience when it comes to personnel: Since 2016, Noerpel's (L&S) personnel service has been operating an onsite office at Britax Römer's headquarters in Leipheim. Here, the HR experts find suitable employees for Britax Römer, hire them and take care of the scheduling. 


"Britax Römer informs us when which employees are needed," says Marina Hegele, Onsite Manager. "Then Britax Römer doesn't have to deal with anything until the employee is on site." For the client company, the service offers two advantages at once: On the one hand short-term personnel fluctuations are absorbed. "On the other hand, Noerpel will be able to provide us with personnel that fit perfectly in the long term - thanks to the proximity to our operative business," says Thomas Hayder, Director of Operations at Britax Römer.


If possible, Noerpel places personnel from its own pool of employees and thus secures jobs for the long term. At the same time, the L&S experts know in which areas the colleagues can be reliably deployed. Noerpel L&S offers commercial and industrial personnel as well as engineers and skilled workers. "The companies should be able to focus on their core business," says Marina Hegele. "Britax Römer takes care of the safety of the little ones on the road, and we take care of the safe personnel planning".