Closely connected - grown together

Have you ever laid flooring, processed screed or glued parquet? It is quite possible that you then had products from Uzin Utz in your hands. Because the company from Ulm is one of the leading manufacturers of products and machines for tillage and floor laying. "The advantages of our product systems are simple, fast and at the same time safe processing - on this basis we convince experienced craftsmen as well as architects and planners", says Philipp Utz, member of the board at Uzin Utz. The product range includes adhesives and tools as well as articles for surface finishing or cleaning and care. Uzin Utz has conquered more and more new markets in recent years, not least thanks to a good construction industry and the associated high demand for high-quality products. Noerpel as the main transport service provider offers the perfect connection in terms of procurement and distribution.

Noerpel transports more than 30,000 national and international shipments for the customer Uzin year after year. The most important routes include Germany and Austria, both countries are connected to Noerpel within 24 hours. Noerpel also organises transports to Norway, Sweden and Finland for Uzin Utz, as well as export deliveries to Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic. And anything that is not sent as general cargo reaches its destination as a package. For all Uzin Utz subsidiaries, Noerpel manages parcel shipping from a single source. "Thanks to our many years of experience in handling Uzin Utz products, we can reliably meet the high service expectations of the company and its customers", says Nicole Jung, key account manager at Noerpel. Both companies are continuing to expand their trusting cooperation: "In 2019 we took over the complete warehouse logistics for the brands UZIN and codex", says Frank Rudat, Head of Logistics Sales at Noerpel. "And since September, 25 Noerpel employees have been managing the logistics centre at the headquarters of the Uzin Utz Group."

Through their home region of Ulm, the two family businesses Uzin Utz and Noerpel are closely connected - and are growing together.