How we understand sustainability

Acting sustainably means working for the world of tomorrow. Therefore, we do not just focus on environmental protection when it comes to sustainability. Our sustainability ethos is underpinned by three pillars: Economy, ecology and social responsibility.

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Our company’s operations are geared towards sustainable economic development. After all, stable and healthy growth enables us to ensure secure jobs and a fair working environment for our employees. At the same time, we are committed to solid business relations, meaning that we are a reliable partner to our customers and suppliers. We deliver our quality and service promise on this basis.


Protecting and preserving our environment for future generations represents a key tenet for us. That is why we systematically enshrine sustainable actions in all areas of our company. We are aware that we operate in an industry that needs resources and that generates emissions. We therefore aim to support global climate targets by achieving positive change in the environmental impacts of these factors.

Social responsibility

Being strong and achieving more together – we actively pursue this goal within our environment. For instance, we attach considerable importance to being a responsible and attractive employer for our employees and to fostering and supporting them. We also strive to contribute to social equilibrium beyond our company, participating in innovative projects in the fields of sport and culture, as well as for people who need our help.